How The US Views On China’s One Belt One Road Initiative?

There is no doubt that Beijing is looking to have an upper hand among the Asian countries and wants to be enjoying a leadership role of Asia. This is why it has come out with the road program to link it to the whole of Asia, Europe and Africa. The US has also gone into a major concession of recognizing this initiative by Beijing and feels that this is a very important initiative that will make China a hot favorite among all countries of the world. This one-way initiative was launched by President Xi in 2013 and China is looking to construct the road and the sea routes to Southeast Asia, Europe and also Central Asia. There is no doubt that there is a lot of investment that Beijing has to make for this initiative to turn into a successful project It will need to invest in a lot infrastructure like pipelines, rails, airports, roads, and also boost its communications. Beijing has set aside $1.4 trillion towards this initiative and is bent on making this dream turn into a reality very quickly.

Why is Beijing pushing this initiative?

The dream of Xi was the make China into a superpower in Asia and also one of the superpowers of the world. He wants this nation to be a rejuvenated one that is very prosperous internally and also has a very strong international engagement. The country is looking at an explicit foreign policy that will make it a dominant power in the whole of Asia. This has not gone well with the neighbors of Beijing and this is why there is so much of opposition whenever the China us North Korea news comes up. There are economic and strategic goals in place in this vision of Beijing. It is looking at giving a major fillip to the infrastructure and is looking for developing regional influence. It is under the firm belief that carrying out mega infrastructure projects will benefit it both in the regional and the overseas trading. It will help the country to enjoy economic progress.

The result of Beijing Washington trading agreement  

The US-China trading deal is not an agreement between the two major forces as it does not have any legal binding like the free trade agreement. There is no way the disputes will be settled like the other forms of trading agreements. The deal between the two states is just for some certain market access situations. It is in total contrast with the US FTAs and hence does not offer 100% cover to the trading. It is just a political agreement between the nation heads and hence there is nothing to talk more about the ideal China US relations. The Chinese have been given license to import US beef and to take a decision regarding biotech products and electronic payments market in China.